Odessa Ukraine: places of interest

Odessa is South Palmira, a city in which all tourists seek when arriving at the Black Sea coast, has long been a city of legend. Those who once managed to visit this unique city, then compare it with Paris, Venice, and Chicago. From an economic point of view of Odessa is the biggest port on the Black Sea, and is the birthplace of many prominent figures, not only Russian but also world culture and science.
Odessa is a city with a thousand faces. For businessmen it is a major industrial and commercial center; which connect the sea and land ways around the world. And for tourists, Odessa is a city of unique culture, from the Opera House to the famous Odessa Deribasovskaya Street and Privoz. And Odessa is a beautiful resort, full of a variety of entertainment. No wonder you want to return here again and again, to breathe deeply magical air of Odessa.

Sights of Odessa which are worth a look

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