Administrative Structure

The management of the Odessa is ruled by the Odessa City Council and headed by the Odessa City Mayor. The Executive body is the Executive Committee and the City Council. In Odessa, there are four administrative districts, which are controlled by regional administrations: Kievskiy, Malinovskiy, Primorskiy, and Suvorovskiy. Odessa has satellite towns, which are also large seaports, Ilichevsk and South.

Symbols of the city: Flag and Anthem

The emblem is a silver river anchor with four paws in a dark red field. The shield on the arms is a golden cartouche and crowned by a golden crown of the city, which features the outline of a five-pointed star. It was approved on June 29, 1999. The emblem featured the cat-anchors which the city received in the period belonging to the Russian Empire, then on the top half of the shield is depicted the two-headed eagle. The Flag of the city is a square cloth with divided dark blue lines vertically into three sections - red, white and yellow. It was approved on June 29, 1999. The Hymn of the city is the "Song of Odessa" from the operetta IO Dunaevskiy "White Acacia".


The city is situated on the banks of the Odessa Bay of the Black Sea. Most of the city, including the historic center, is situated on a plain overlooking the sea of about 50 m. The area is 163 km, Population density 6139 people km. Near the city there are three major estuary: Kuyal'nitskiy, Hadzibeevskiy and Suhoi.


The climate there is moderately continental and comparatively dry. The number of sunny days per year exceeds 290. The average annual temperature is around + 10 C, with an average annual rainfall of about 350 mm. Winters are short and mild with average temperatures around 0 C, and temperatures below - 10 C are rare, summers are long and warm with average temperatures of 25 C, with frequent temperature above 35 C

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