Odessa Opera House

Odessa Opera House is one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe and is one of the main attractions of Odessa. Theatres of Odessa began from the earliest days of the city. The Opera and Ballet Theater was truly the elder among many of its cultural institutions. Odessa won the right to build a theater in 1804, and in 1809 it was already finished. On February 10, 1810 the theater held its first presentation. Odessa Theater building is executed in the style of Viennese "baroque", which was a major in European art from the end of the XVI and XVIII century to the middle. Because of their size, buildings constantly sag in the Odessa soft ground. Therefore, the Odessa Opera House has undergone several restorations, the last of which lasted 11 years (from 1996 to 2007).

Beach Otrada

The beach is located between the beaches of joy Luzanovka and Dolphin. A distinctive feature of the lift, it can go down to the beach straight out of the city. Another feature of the beach is a powerful flow of ice water erupting from an underground river right onto the beach. Where it flows from, none of the vacationers know, but firmly believe that this is an underground river and rinse under its streams. On the beach Otrada there are numerous restaurants and cafes in Odessa, there is also a hotel.

The hotel "Odessa"

The hotel, "Odessa", is at the very center of Odessa seaport nearby the Potemkin stairs. Three sides of the hotel complex is surrounded by piers for passenger ships and offshore yachts. A total of 30 steps away from the hotel is the Concert Exhibition Hall at the seaport and it's 50 steps from the sea port of Odessa gallery. This is the only hotel in Eastern Europe built on water. Almost every room in the hotel Odessa overlooks the sea.

Odessa catacombs

One of the wonders of Odessa, are undoubtedly the catacombs; the most famous in the world not only in the intricacies of mazes, but also by its length, which according to various estimates is from 800 to 3000 miles. For comparison, the length of the Roman catacombs is 300 miles, and Paris' 500 miles. It is unknown even rough topography Odessa underground labyrinth. How did the catacombs come about? This was a mine, where more than 200 years ago, they mined the main building material shell limestone. The first underground quarry began to appear in the first half of the XIX century, during the rapid construction of Odessa. Extracted from the shells in the catacombs they built almost all of old Odessa

Itaka Night Club

The concert arena "ITAKA" is a restaurant, night club, and concert hall on the Black Sea in Arcadia. Night club Itaka is the largest, most popular and visited around the clock year institution of Arcadia Odessa. Often on Thursdays and Sundays, the viewer can enjoy the wonderful concerts and shows at midnight. They always have good music, with a very diverse audience. It has the unique atmosphere of ancient Greece, and guests of the club fill the place from the very first steps on the site, therefore, the location of tables resemble an amphitheater. Columns, amphora, marble masonry, the ancient Greek statues, every second the entire interior of the club reminds you that you are at home of Odysseus, whose name is so in tune with the name of our city.

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