Potemkin Stairs

Potemkin Stairs is Odessa's famous staircase that connects the city with the port and seaport. It is named in honor of a masterpiece of world cinema, the film "Battleship Potemkin". In 2007, the Potemkin Stairs was named one of the most beautiful in Europe. Currently the staircase consists of 192 steps, its length is 142 meters, it is based perspective have a much broader base of the upper part, so that when viewed from the seaside boulevard, it seems a lack of perspective. History The staircase was designed by architect Franz Boffo in 1825. Construction of the staircase ended in 1841. On the Front of the staircase is a monument to Duc de Richelieu, which is the hallmark of Odessa.

Lanzheron Beach

The beach is located in the heart of the city on the former Odessa mayor's land and giving the governor Count Lanzheron. Under his will it was made to cross the area of the city. At this point in time it was equipped with the oldest and only beach in Odessa. In consequence, for outstanding achievements in the development of the city of Odessa, the beach began to carry his name. All that remains in memory of Langeron is an arch, at the entrance, that welcomes guests to the beach. Langeron beach is in a convenient location, has good access, and availability of parking in the area throughout the greater length of beach. Entrance to the beach is free. On beach Langeron is Nemo Dolphinarium where you can relax in Odessa as a family.

Hotel Londonskaya

Hotel "Londonskaya" s an architectural monument and historic landmark in Odessa, which was built in the early 19th century. Today it is a comfortable hotel overlooking the Sea front and the Black Sea. The hotel is located in the historic heart of the city, just steps from the famous Potemkin stairs, near the Opera and Ballet Theatre, Literary and Archaeological Museum and within walking distance of the marina, 2 km from the railway station and 12 km from Odessa International airport.

Ibiza Night Club

One of the most popular destinations, IBIZA, can be found right in the heart of Arcadia. This white club took its name from the capital of the world of club life, the island of Ibiza in Odessa. The club name is consistent. It competes with the club, ITAKA, for the best club in Arcadia. The club was built in the form of a giant ant hill with white walls, blue tiles, pink doors, illuminated tables, and neon bars. Its intelligent design, with seats in several tiers and white stone walls leave no one indifferent when passed by in person. The club looks like a maze, stuffed with light and sound equipment.


Odessa has a unique place where it's always fun, enchanting, which always has music and you can relax at the European level. This is Arcadia; it is the sunny Black Sea beaches and clubbing Mecca of Odessa and Ukraine. In Ukraine there is the city with beaches, there are good clubs, but so that, at one point there were more than a dozen clubs at various levels and styles, first class restaurants and cheap cafes; this can only be found in Odessa Arcadia. In the summer you can walk here around the clock and during the day relaxing on the beach gradually turns into club parties, where to be at the party with deck chairs you cannot even stand up. Some clubs have their own beach area with romantic bungalows, swimming pools and water slides.

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