Deribasovskaya str

Deribasovskaya is the central street of Odessa, and one of the main attractions of the city. The roadway is lined with paving stones and passage for vehicles on the street is closed. In addition Primorskiy Boulevard is a favorite place for evening walks and visitors of Odessa. It was originally called Gimnazicheskaya street, in honor of a commercial high school Volseya, which was opened by Duc de Richelieu. In 1811 the street was called de Ribasovskaya or simply Ribasovskaya, and from 1836 the name changed to Deribasovskaya. The street is named in honor of Joseph de Ribas, who was the first mayor of Odessa. The Street, contrary to the original draft of the city, became the Deribasovskaya- main street of Odessa. It has a city garden, shopping mall, movie theater, "Utochkin" and numerous cafes and restaurants.

Odessa hotel "Odesskiy dvorik"

The hotel name was not chosen by chance. Hotel Odesskiy Dvorik adjacent to the building area is the true embodiment of that very spiritualization of Odessa, which is so famous all over the world. Most of the rooms' windows face precisely there to provide peace, tranquility and comfort. The hotel beach and the famous Odessa "Langeron" share only a couple of quarters, but to get to the park named after TG Shevchenko, will take only 5 minutes.

Beach Otrada

Otrada is adjacent to Langeron on the one side and Dolphin on the other, and is also located along the highway of health. The beach area called "Otrada" consists of small and comfortable beaches, and practically all of them are private. Beach Otrada stands out among other beaches in the fact that it can be reached by cable car. Skating will not only help overcome the distance from the French Boulevard to the coast, but also give an opportunity to review the top park on the side and the coast.

Night Club "Palladium"

Club "Palladium" is one of the most popular nightclubs in Odessa. The club has two halls: big and small. In the large hall there is modern club music, and in the small (so-called club "Melody") plays the hits of the 80s and sometimes R&B. Every Thursday the club holds a party with free admission for girls and an erotic program. Tom is a building located in hotel "Palladium". Night Club "Palladium" is located near the center of Odessa, and is a five-minute walk railway station.

Odessa Dolphinarium

Odessa-round dolphinarium "Nemo" is the biggest and the only one Dolphinarium in Ukraine, which operates all year round. But it's not all - for the first time in Europe, conducts dolphin evening performances: a light show, acrobats, mermaid, fireworks on the water, combined with unique dolphins, seals and sea lioness. In the summer show program is in the open air under a transparent dome. And during the cold season - sea friends will please you in a cozy, decorated in tropical style, heated swimming pool.