The monument to Duc de Richelieu

The monument, one of the founders of the city, Duc de Richelieu on the Primorskiy Boulevard is one of the main attractions of Odessa. Its images can be found in brochures, postcards and even on postage stamps. A descendant of Cardinal de Richelieu for the French Revolution was forced to immigrate to Russia, where he distinguished himself at the capture of Ishmael (Izmail). After some time, he gained the position of governor-general of Odessa and was considered one of the founders of the city. The monument is located on the coastal boulevard, facing the sea, in front of the Potemkin staircase leading to the Naval Station. The monument of Duke, as if he were arriving in Odessa meets the sea. Behind the monument there are two buildings that form a semi-circular area, where monument to Catherine II and the founders of the city are located.

Langeron Beach

Langeron has long been considered to be an equally accessible beach with the most diverse populations. It is located 20-25 minutes from downtown and is different from other beaches in the resort area of Odessa due to its friendly approach and entrance to it. The main Odessa Lanzheron beach visitors are residents of adjoining neighborhoods. In the evening and nighttime on the beach are held a variety of shows and discos in the open air at the water. The large parking lot adjacent to the beach; this makes it especially attractive to those who are accustomed to using cars.

Hotel Palladium

Palladium refers to the hotels suites. Conditions of accommodation in this hotel correspond to its class, comfortable guest rooms, skilled staff, and huge range of additional services, all which will make your stay enjoyable and memorable. Guests of Hotel Palladium have the opportunity to attend free of charge, the elite clubs Palladium (from September 15 to May 15) and Itaka(summer), lying on the Black Sea coast in the beautiful picturesque part of Odessa , Arcadia.

Captain Morgan Night Club

Captain Morgan - center of Odessa nightlife is a legendary Odessa institution, the founder of a non-stop motion, dancing on the bar, a lawmaker and extreme shot-cocktail. On the club floors are a large glass facade patio, 2 bars, stage, and dance floor. Equipped with high-quality light and sound, and most importantly, it is alive with the spirit and atmosphere of the old "Morgan". Major parties and top DJs in Odessa and Europe all are present at "Morgan". Interactive comedy, Comedy Morgan, and live music in the evenings creates a cozy and relaxed atmosphere for relaxing with friends and loved ones, and the menu will satisfy many gourmets.


Among the miracles and wonders of Odessa is a miraculous place. Kuyalnik estuary has no analogues in the world, just only in Israel. Its properties are comparable only with mud from the Dead Sea, and only some differences give Odessa product its uniqueness. This estuary is an amazing natural plant which is invaluable for medicinal products: a saturated salt solution (brine with salt concentration 220-240 g / L) and sulfide-silt mud. They contribute to slowing down the inflammatory process, strengthening the immune system and restoring function of damaged organs and body systems.