Primorsky Boulevard

Primorsky Boulevard is one of the main streets of Odessa and along with Deribasovskaya is popular among Odessa and its guests. It has a monument to Duke de Richelieu, gun frigate sea "Tiger", City Council, a monument to Pushkin, Vorontsov Palace and the Potemkin Steps. Primorsky Boulevard was built in the XIX century and was formerly known as the Nikolaev Boulevard. The Boulevard is one of the best urban ensembles in Europe. This is one of the favorite trips of Odessa and guests. On the boulevard, you are offered superb views of the sea and from vessels
A few years ago the Seklyanny dome appeared on the boulevard, from the archaeological Nahodkai antique period. Also near the Potemkin Stairs the funicular was rebuilt and on the trees are garlands which makes the boulevard at night even more beautiful.

Hotel Grand Pettine

Hotel Grand Pettine is located on the Black Sea. One of the most picturesque districts of Odessa is Bolshoy Fontan. It might be called the Odessa Riviera. The hotel was designed in the original architectural style and was built in 2007. It offers 91 comfortable rooms of five categories. It has beautiful views, from the windows, of the sea. It's an ideal place for leisure and talks, seminars and business meetings

Beach Luzanovka

This public beach is located in the district Luzanovka next to a large park. It's the only natural beach in Odessa consisting of a broad sandy area, sloping beach, convenient for children's recreation.
Adults, after resting in the water and walking with children can spend time in cafes and bars, which are of a considerable number located along the sandy area. In the evening Luzanovka becomes yet another place for clubs in Odessa, and is much more democratic than Arcadia. There are 5 night clubs which are very popular among youth because of the low prices.

Night club "Vis-A-Vis"

Night club "Vis" is located in the heart of Odessa, on Deribasovskaya street. This is one of the most prestigious winter night clubs of Odessa. In the summer it is also opened, but visitors in the summer season go to the club less. Admission is free, but face-control is hard. The club is located at the corner of Catherine and Deribasovskaya next to an Irish pub on the second floor of the corner building. The club has a terrace with tables, a dance floor and lots of tables inside. The club aways has an atmosphere of happiness and joy